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The German Culture Center is located on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is a unit of the Center for International Studies. The GCC is also a "cultural institute" of GOETHE INSTITUT. Since its founding, the GCC has become a key institution for area German teachers, for the German American community, and for those in the general public who wish to know more about German life, language and culture. Students from the University of Missouri-St. Louis also make great use of the Center’s resources.


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Workshops for German teachers are major events in the GCC’s efforts to promote the study of German language.
Jane Doe
The best German teachers in the area get even better after participating in programs led by some of the foremost presenters in the world, including Bob DiDonato and Hans Weber.
John Doe
These workshops have also provided a wonderful opportunity for St. Louis’s German teachers to get together, share stories and strategies, and find comfort in talking with other dedicated teachers as they help train and lead the next generation.
Mary Roe


German Culture Center

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